Big Brookie

Some days you just get lucky!  Some days you work hard and make that perfect cast.  

No matter how it happens both ways you just enjoy the success.  I have caught fish while walking up the river with my line dangling in the river behind me.  All of a sudden there is this tugging at my rod and sure enough there is a fish!    Some days you cast until your arm is ready to fall off, making wonderful casts to perfect fish lairs, with nothing but the satisfaction that you placed your fly perfectly, only to have nothing.  Then there is the day that you drop that fly perfectly in between the rock and the log jam and the water explodes.  That happened today and this lovely brookie made my day!  Even the blind shot underwater with the Canon was great.  So many times all I get is a tail, nothing or just a blur.  Today was a good day.  Tomorrow may be a goose egg, but I will come back next week because of today!

Gregg Barckholtz