Take a few minutes to explore the history of Au Sable Riverview Resort with this photo album and memories from a long-time guest. We’ll just call him Denny, since he likes his privacy – which is why he comes to Riverview. He has shared some great memories and photos for you to enjoy.


A Cabin on the Flats

This cabin once stood on The Flats, where the current resort owner’s Red House stands today. Mc Masters Bridge is in the background. Denny stayed in these cabins in the late 1940’s, when he was about 10 years old. Pictured left to right are then-owner Norman McCabe, Denny’s grandfather Jack who passed in 1951 and a third person, unknown.


The Ice House/Boat House

This photo was taken around 1960 by one of Denny’s parents. The building was used before 1950 and was located behind what is now The Cottage.


A brochure from about 1960

anglers in boat.jpg

Anglers in the Early Days

Then- Owner Vern Cunningham – out with guests for a “float-deluxe” in 1957.


Smiles to last a lifetime

Made here, on the Au Sable.