1.  Maximum Occupancy & Permitted Use

Use of the premises is restricted for a vacation residence only. No more than (i) 20 persons may be in the Riverview Lodge, (ii) 3 persons may be in The Hendrickson or in The Adams, (iii) 4 in The Brown Drake or The Hex, and (iv) 10 the Riverview Cottage unless authorized in writing by owner (“Owner” or “Owners”). No weddings, graduations, receptions or similar event shall be held in any building without the express written consent of the Owner. People other than those in the guest’s party (subject to the limitations on number of persons set forth above) may not stay overnight in a unit without express written approval from the Owner. Smoking is prohibited inside any unit. If you must smoke, do so outside: DO NOT LEAVE CIGARETTE BUTTS ON THE GROUND. No pets shall be allowed inside a unit, or brought onto the property without the prior written agreement of Owner. Guest shall comply with all statutes, ordinances, and requirements of all municipal, state, and federal authorities now in force or which may hereafter be in force, pertaining to the short term, vacation use of private homes in Crawford County and the State of Michigan. A BREACH OF ANY TERM OF THIS AGREEMENT MAY RESULT IN A FORFEITURE OF YOUR RIGHTS REGARDING THE UNIT INCLUDING LOSS OF RENT PAID, AND REMOVAL FROM THE PREMISES IF THESE VIOLATIONS ARE NOT REMEDIED IMMEDIATELY TO THE COMPLETE SATISFACTION OF THE OWNER.

2. Securing Unit

 The guest shall be responsible for locking and securing a unit when left unattended and shall be responsible for damage to the unit and contents due to negligence or misuse by guest. Guest shall keep and maintain the unit in a clean and sanitary condition at all times, and the end of the stay shall turn over the unit to the Owner in as good condition as when received, ordinary wear and tear excepted. Guest may not assign their contract or sublet any portion of the unit they have reserved.

3. No Tents or Trailers

 There will be no trailers, tents, etc., allowed on the premises without the express written permission of the Owner.

4. Owner Access to Premises

 Owner reserves the right to enter the premises at all reasonable hours of the day for the purpose of inspection, whenever necessary to make repairs and alterations to the premises, or to show to prospective purchasers, workmen or contractors, with advance notification to guest whenever reasonably possible.

5. Cleaning & Condition of Premises upon Departure

GUEST ACKNOWLEDGES THAT OWNER DOES NOT PROVIDE DAILY MAID SERVICE; while linens and bath towels are provided with the unit, daily maid service is not included. You will need to bring beach towels: We do not permit towels or linens to be taken from the units. The cleaning rate for the unit is based on an average time taken to complete a general cleaning (and without professional cleaning required by the Owner). At the end of the guest’s stay, guests shall turnover the premises and contents in an undamaged, broom clean condition with the unit returned in the same condition it was found when guest took possession; normal Owner cleaning after a guest leaves includes sanitizing bathrooms and kitchens, and laundering of sheets, pillow cases, towels, hand towels, kitchen towels and dish towels. In the event that additional cleaning in excess of the normal cleaning is necessary, the cost will be charged to the guest. In order to insure that the costs of cleaning are kept to a minimum, we ask that you attend to the following items before your departure (failure to attend to these following items shall result in additional cleaning charges billed at $20.00 per hour or as otherwise indicated below):

Wash dishes in sink or dishwasher and return them to their proper storage place;

Empty ashes from grill;

Clean and empty gas grill;

Take out all trash to provided receptacles; and

All furniture shall be located in its original location.

Failure to attend to these following items may result in additional charges for:

Inside ovens – (please clean spills as they occur and do not use oven cleaner or harsh chemicals on the Lodge’s self-cleaning oven) - $50.00 charge;

Refrigerator – (please clean spills or messes inside refrigerator and freezer) - $50.00 charge; and

Laundry - If you use the provided linens and towels, please leave them in the showers in the cabins and Cottage and in front of the washing machine in the Lodge before departure. Housekeepers will make up each bed; if you did not use a bed please leave the linens on the bed. If you use a sleeping sofa please leave the sofa bed open when departing. Failure to place laundry in the requested location may result in the following charges: $50.00 for units that sleep 1 - 4 persons, $75.00 for units that sleep 5 - 8, and $100 for units that sleep 9 or more persons. IMPORTANT: PLEASE IMMEDIATELY ATTEND TO ANY STAINS ON BEDSPREADS, MATTRESS COVERS, UPHOLSTERY, OR RUGS WHEN THEY OCCUR. IF YOU HAVE NO SUCCESS IN REMOVING THEM, PLEASE CALL OWNER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE SO THAT THESE ITEMS WILL NOT BE PERMANENTLY DAMAGED.

6. Keys

The Owner provides one key per unit, upon check-in. A valid Drivers License or State ID must be provided at check-in to receive a key. A photocopy of the ID will be made upon check-in and destroyed upon return of the key at check-out.   If guest cannot get access to the unit or loses or misplaces a key, guest must notify Owner before using force to enter unit. A fee of $50.00 shall be charged to make duplicate copies of lost keys in addition to any locksmith fees.

7. Directions to Rental Properties

Directions will be sent to you between seven (7) and fourteen (14) days prior to your arrival (or immediately if reservation is less than seven (7) days away), after the remaining balance has been billed to the guest’s Master Card, Visa or other similar credit card on file with Riverview (“credit card”). If guest leaves home without directions, Riverview cannot be held responsible for guest being unable to find their rental unit. NO REFUNDS OR REBATES will be offered.

8. When you Arrive

 (Check-in procedures):

- Look through the kitchen shelves, drawers and cabinets for dishes, utensils, pots and pans, kitchen cleaning supplies, etc. Each shelf, cabinet and drawer will have labels indicating what should be in each place. When you arrive, the refrigerator should not contain any leftovers (other than sealable condiments with extended refrigerated shelf life). Any dry/frozen food or unopened drinks left by previous visitors are fair game, though.

- There is no in-sink disposal in the Cabins/Cottage – please refrain from putting food scraps down the kitchen drain in the Cabins/Cottage.

- The room adjacent to the kitchen in back of the Lodge doubles as a laundry room and has cleaning supplies for the Lodge; the washer and dryer in the room separated by a door are for Riverview staff only. THESE MACHINES ARE MORE LIKELY TO GET DAMAGED BY PEOPLE NOT KNOWLEDGEABLE WITH THE MACHINES: Warnings on these machines indicate the charges for any breakage.

- Note the location of the fire extinguisher and first-aid kit in Cabins, Cottage and Lodge.

- The beds will be made. Similarly, all sleeper sofa bedding should be in the bed.

- In very cold or warm weather, you will want to turn on ceiling fans to move air throughout the Cabins, Cottage or Lodge.

- You can light the “gas-log” fireplace in the Lodge with the remote on the end table next to the couch; please see the reverse side of the remote for directions on usage. Use the fireplace to quickly heat the Lodge living room when you first arrive – but let the main furnace maintain the temperature. Similarly, there is a “gas-log” fireplace in the Cottage. Directions for usage are labeled on the fireplace.

- Please watch your children. The woods are generally safer than a city but because most kids are not familiar with the outdoor environment, they may not recognize hazardous situations – like the river.

9. When you Leave

 Check-out procedures:

- Please sign the guest book (for Lodge).

- Make sure any campfires are completely out. Try to avoid drowning them with water (let the fires burn down naturally) – so the next visitors can rebuild a fire as soon as they arrive

.- Leave used beds uncovered and the sleeper sofas open if used.

- Perform cleaning as discussed in section 6 above. Cleaning supplies are under the sinks (additional cleaning supplies for the Lodge are in the laundry room. Pay particular attention to the refrigerator, microwave and coffee pot – they seem to get missed a lot. The same goes with the bathrooms.- Make sure all appliances (other than the refrigerator in the Cottage and Lodge) such as coffee pots, toasters, televisions, DVDs, docking stations, ranges, ovens and other similar items are turned off.

- Make a list of needs or problems with the Cabin, Cottage or Lodge (such as non-emergency repairs or suggested upgrades) include any suggestions you have about the Cabins, Cottage or Lodge.

- Discard or take home any perishable leftovers, except condiments. Please cleanup any spills or crumbs the ants, and even mice, are very adept at finding their way into buildings if they smell food. Make sure packaged dry goods (like cereal, crackers, cookies, etc.) are well sealed.

- Please leave all thermostats at 55 degrees (except the fireplaces in the Lodge and Cottage-see instructions below for these). TURN OFF ALL AIRCONDITIONING UNITS!

- IMPORTANT: Turn off the “gas-log” fire thermostat in the Lodge. AND POSITIVELY CONFIRM THERE IS NOTHING FLAMMABLE ON OR NEAR THE FIREPLACES OR FURNACES IN THE CABINS BOTH DURING YOUR STAY AND UPON LEAVING. Please leave the fireplace in the Cottage set at 50 degrees; the fireplace keeps the Cottage heated in the event of a power failure which shuts down the forced air heating system.

- Confirm all windows are closed and latched. Close all window treatments. Lock all doors. Turn off all lights.

- Drive home safely – we like having you around.

- To ensure our lodge and cabins are always “Motel-Ready” clean, an inspection will occur after each departure by Riverview housekeeping. Guests are expected to perform reasonable cleaning during your stay, i.e. vacuuming, sweeping, etc. LEAVE FURNITURE AND OTHER CONTENTS, INCLUDING DISHES, POTS, SILVERWARE AND GLASSES IN THEIR ORIGINAL LOCATION AND CONDITION; THE COST OF RETURNING ITEMS WILL BE CHARGED AGAINST YOUR DEPOSIT. Refer to the Riverview Notebook in each Cabin, Cottage and Lodge upon arrival for Rules and general information and certainly prior to checking out. Failure to follow these Rules, the Riverview Notebook check-out instructions, abuse of premises, or the need for more than basic departure cleaning may result in a charge to guest’s security deposit.

10. Damages to Property

 Premises are to be left in clean, undamaged condition, and that guests must follow check-in and check-out procedures, along with the pet policy. Properties have been cleaned and inspected prior to guest’s arrival. Guest agrees to contact Riverview at the number identified in the Riverview Notebook if any damages or defects are noticed. Guest acknowledges that he/she is hereby authorizing Riverview to charge the Credit Card for any damages, repairs, replacement, or special cleaning sustained for real or personal property. Guest acknowledges and agrees that guest shall be responsible for the loss of any revenues Riverview incurs as a result of damage to the property or failure to follow the cleaning and check-out procedures set forth in these Rules; Riverview normally has less than 5 hours to clean and get a property ready for the next guest and failure of a guest to comply with these Rules may impair Riverview’s ability to get the property ready for the next guest.

11. Things to bring with you

Flashlight. - Beach towels. - Laundry soap (a washer and dryer are in the Lodge for Lodge use only). - A copy of the directions. - Charcoal for the charcoal grills at Lodge and Cabins; charcoal is also available at Au Sable Riverview Market.

12. Things we supply

 Initial supply of toilet paper and paper towels. Dish detergent. Dishwasher detergent for dishwasher in Lodge for Lodge use only. Initial supply of garbage bags, soap, shampoo, conditioner and lotion.

13. Parking

All parking is confined to the designated parking areas. All trailers must be parked in the parking area to the south of the Cabins and Cottage entrance area where indicated by signage. Except during loading and unloading, a maximum of one car per Cabin and two cars for the Cottage may be parked in the parking area adjacent to the buildings. Other cars must use the parking area to the south of the Cabins entrance area where indicated by signage. Do not block the road in any way. No large trucks or commercial vehicles shall be parked in the parking area adjacent to the Lodge, Cottage or Cabins.

14. Miscellaneous Supplies

 Linens are provided for the beds. There will be one clean set up for your stay. (There is a washer and dryer in the Lodge for Lodge use if you feel the need to wash the sheets while you are there). We suggest that you bring beach towels for use on the river or at one of the local lakes. Extra blankets and pillows may be found in the closets or on the beds. A vacuum cleaner is located in the Lodge for Lodge use only.

15. Cable / Satellite TV

 Riverview does not offer premium packages, i.e., movie channels, pay per view, etc. Riverview cannot under any circumstance activate premium channels. NO EXCEPTIONS! NO REFUNDS OR REBATES will be offered.

16. Gas Log Fireplaces

 No other items than liquid propane may be burned in gas log fireplace, including but not limited to; sticks, wood, charcoal, lava rocks, etc. Guest agrees that no fire will be left unattended. GUEST SHALL POSITIVELY CONFIRM THERE IS NOTHING FLAMMABLE ON OR NEAR THE FIREPLACES, FIREPITOR FURNACES.

17. Firepits

 Guest acknowledges, understands, and agrees that fire pits may be used year round, however, firewood is NOT provided for use in the fire pits. Guest must provide his/her own hardwood logs to burn in fire pits: PLEASE RESPECT AND OBEY ALL RESTRICTIONS ON THE TRANSPORTION OF FIRE WOOD FROM ONE AREA OF THE STATE TO ANOTHER; THERE IS PLENTY OF FIREWOOD SELLERS WITHIN A FEW MILES OF THE RIVERVIEW. Guest agrees that no burning or smoldering fires shall be left by guest, ever. If a property does not offer a fire pit guest will not make one, doing so is considered damage a guest will be charged accordingly.

18. Pet Policy

Guest acknowledges, understands, and agrees that the following items must be adhered to:

- Guest shall pay the applicable pet fee.

- Pets must be completely housebroken, well behaved, and pest free.

- Pets are not allowed on any furniture. Guest will be charged an additional cleaning fee of not less than $200 if pet hair causes a delay in cleaning services.

- Guest agrees that he/she will NOT use any linens or towels on pets other than towels provided by guest.

- Pets shall not be left uncrated while alone in any Cabin, Cottage and/or Lodge.

- Guest agrees to pay for any damages caused by pets.

- If pets have an accident in any Cabin, Cottage and/or Lodge, all cleanups will be performed by the guest. Guest further agrees to police waste on the grounds and deposit in outside garbage cans. Guest agrees that failure to comply with clean-ups of either inside a building or on the grounds will result in an additional cleaning charge of not less than $50.

- Guest agrees to be in full control of their pets at all times and take full responsibility for their pets’ wellbeing. Pets shall be leashed at all times when outside a building.

- If this Pet Policy is not met, guest is in violation of their agreement with Riverview and guest acknowledges and authorizes Riverview to charge their Credit Card for any violation of the Pet Policy.

- Mice abatement products are dispersed throughout the Lodge, Cottage and Cabins. Please observe and restrain your pets to prevent accidental ingestion of such materials.

19. Furnishings / Furniture

 All furnishings/furniture in the cabin are in place as Riverview wishes them. Furthermore, the most common reason for charges against a guest deposit is for damages caused by guest moving furniture. Guest shall pay not less than $100 for each piece of furniture moved.

20.  Garbage

 There are many animals in the woods who will be interested in your garbage, so you MUST make sure garbage is bagged, tied and placed in the dumpster and the lid is on tightly. Do not simply leave garbage outside in a plastic bag. Garbage bags are provided under the kitchen sink.

21. Internet & Cell Phone Access

 Riverview offers a Wi-Fi internet system for its guests. The username and password will be available in the Riverview Notebook in each building. DOWNLOADING AND/OR UPLOADING VIDEO OR OTHER LARGE FILES IS PROHIBITED. Some cell phone providers (such as AT&T) do not have good reception in the Cabins, Cottage or Lodge.

22.  Non-Smoking - NO EXCEPTIONS:

 All cabins are non-smoking (including all decks, porches and steps). Guest agrees to pay not less than $350 for odor abatement if they smoke in the cabin or if cigarette butts, chewing tobacco tins, and/or cigar ends are left on the grounds.

23. Alcohol / Drugs

 No drinking of alcoholic beverages by persons under the legal age of twenty-one (21) is allowed on any Riverview property. Guest agrees that if anyone is arrested for underage drinking on any Riverview property or if Riverview observes anyone under the legal age of twenty-one (21) drinking alcoholic beverages, the guest’s stay may be terminated and guest removed from the Property with no refund or rebate. Illegal drug use is strictly prohibited on any Riverview property.

24. Conduct

 Occupancy and use of any Riverview property shall not be such as to disturb or offend neighbors or residents, including but not limited to; parties, excessive speeding through driveways and/or parking areas, riding of ATV’s, off road motorcycles/dirt bikes and/or snowmobiles, excessive noise and/or obnoxious behavior, discharging of firearms, BB/pellet guns, paint ball guns, potato cannons, or fireworks, etc. Riverview has the prerogative to terminate the contract and to demand that disruptive guest vacate the premises, thereby forfeiting all monies to Riverview. NO REFUND OR REBATES will be offered.

25. Licensee of Owner

 Guest acknowledges and agrees that they are a licensee of the Owner and not a tenant; and that guest is not acquiring any interest in the property.

26. Right of Entry

 Guest acknowledges, understands, and agrees that Riverview reserves the right to enter property at any time to investigate disturbances, check occupancy, check damages, make repairs, alterations, and improvements, as Riverview deems necessary.

27. Deposit / Credit Cards

 Guest agrees that Riverview is authorized to charge their Credit Card for the initial deposit of fifty percent (50%) and fifty percent (50%) of any cleaning fees and safety deposit. Riverview is authorized to charge the balance of the total charges their Credit Card on file fourteen (14) days prior to guest’s arrival date or immediately if reservation is less than 14 days away. In addition, guest authorizes Riverview to charge any other charges owing by the guest to his/her Credit Card.

28. Lock Out

A lock out of guest due to a lost key from a Cabin, Cottage or the Lodge will result in a service call during business hours. Guest agrees that a lock out after business hours will result in a locksmith being called and the Credit Card being charged accordingly.

29. Key Return

Guest is responsible for the return of the property key, at check-out.  Guests are to return keys to the Fly Shop/Market. Upon key return, the photocopy of guest ID taken at check-in will be destroyed. If the key is not returned upon check-out, guest agrees that Riverview is authorized to charge the Credit Card on file for the costs of re-keying or replacing all of the locks and re-issuing new keys to Owner, cleaning crews, and Riverview.

30. Check –In, Check-Out Times – NO EXCEPTIONS

 Check in time is any time after 4:00 PM; checkout is any time prior to11:00 a.m. The Cabins, Cottage and/or Lodge will not be available until check in time of 4:00 PM. Guest acknowledges the foregoing time period and authorizes Riverview to charge their Credit Card on file one full night's rental for a check-in earlier than 4:00 PM or a check out later than 11:00 AM.

31. Refusal of Service

 Riverview reserves the right to refuse service to anyone provided that Riverview complies with all laws such as the Michigan and Federal Civil Rights Act. All Cabins, Cottage and/or Lodge properties are leased without regard to race, color, weight, religion, sex, national origin, or handicap. Due to liability issues, Riverview will be unable to provide prospective guests with directions or keys to preview properties.

32. Termination by Owner / Substitutions

Riverview strives to comply with all reservation requests for specific unit. However, due to mechanical problems, weather, or other unforeseen circumstances, Riverview cannot absolutely guarantee a specific property. Riverview reserves the right to change property unit assignment without liability should rental property become unavailable. Where comparable properties are not available, guest will have the option of selecting a unit from available units at the published rates or receiving a complete refund.

33. Violation of Rules, Agreement / Contract

Guest acknowledges, understands, and agrees that Riverview reserves the right to remove guest, if any of these Rules or the contract/agreement terms are not met. NO REFUND OR REBATE will be offered.

34. Disputes

 The contract shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Michigan and be treated as though it were executed in the County of Genesee, State of Michigan. Any action relating to the contract shall be instituted and prosecuted only in the Genesee County Courts, Michigan. Guest specifically consents to such jurisdiction and to extraterritorial service of process.

35. Indemnification and Hold Harmless

 Guest acknowledges and agrees that guest shall be solely responsible for any damage, accident or injury to any person or property, or loss sustained by any person on the Riverview premises (premises is herein defined to include the river, riverbank and all river shoreline), including loss of money, jewelry, and other items of personal property, arising out of or in any way related to guest’s use of the premises or the property provided by Riverview. Guest hereby agrees to INDEMNIFY DEFEND and HOLD HARMLESS, Riverview and its agents, employees and Owners from any and all claims including those of third parties, arising out of or in any way related to guest’s use of premises or any items of personal property provided therein. Guest hereby agrees to hold Riverview and its employees and officers harmless and to indemnify same against any and all claims which may arise during and after the course of rental as a consequence of any acts or omissions of Riverview and its agents, employees and Owners. All swimming and outdoor recreation on the premises (including use of boats, canoes, kayaks, tubes or any other recreational equipment) are understood to be completely at the guest’s own risk. Children must wear life jackets and not be left unsupervised by the river. Guest shall defend, indemnify, and hold the Owner harmless from and against any claim, loss, expense or damage to any person or property in or upon the premises or any area allocated to or used by guest, or its invitees, arising out of guest’s use or occupancy of the premises.


 Supervise children at all times especially while outside with extra caution near the bank and river. Quiet hours begin at 10:00 pm and end at 8:00 am. NO FIREWORKS ARE ALLOWED ON PROPERTY AND NO FIREARMS ARE ALLOWED TO BE USED ON PROPERTY.

37. Owner’s Closet and Cabinets

 There may be locked rooms, cabinets and/or closets in the Lodge for the Owner's personal items. Please respect the Owners and do not try to access these areas.

38. Rate Changes

 All rates subject to change without notice; provided, however, that we will honor all written contracts and rate changes shall not apply to such contracts.

39. Falsified Reservations

 Any reservation obtained under false pretense will be subject to forfeiture of advance payment, deposit and/or rental money, and the party will not be permitted to check in.

40. Written Exceptions

 Any exceptions to the above mentioned policies must be approved in writing in advance.

41. Storm Policy/Road Conditions

 No refunds will be given for storms. We do not refund due to road conditions, power outages or other similar events or acts.

42. Miscellaneous Rules

There are a number of books and DVDs in the Lodge and you’re welcome to contribute and borrow one if you like, however please leave these for the next visitor. Similarly, there are several board games, puzzles, playing cards, balls, art supplies, and other supplies for activities; please leave these for the next visitor.

43. Items left Behind

 Riverview is not responsible for any items guest leaves behind. Riverview is authorized to charge a fee of $50 plus shipping costs for the return of any items guest leaves behind and request is returned.

44. After Hours Emergency Contact Information

 Guest is provided with an after hour telephone number for emergency assistance. These numbers are located on the contract and on the “Riverview Notebook” located in each building.

45. Handicapped Accessible Cabin and Lodge

 If someone in your party has special requirements, please let us know and we’ll help determine which unit may be best suited for your needs. The Hendrickson is a single unit handicap accessible cabin. The Lodge also complies with handicap accessibility, including an entrance ramp.

46. Use of Property

 The Cabins, Cottage and/or Lodge shall not be used for any activity which violates local, state, or federal laws, Michigan insurance rules and regulations.

47. Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors                     

 It is illegal under Michigan law to disable either the smoke or carbon monoxide detectors; please notify us immediately of any malfunction.

48.  Maintenance

In case of a breakdown of any property or equipment, guest shall notify Riverview immediately. Because of the rural setting of the Riverview, the electrical supply to the Riverview is subject to outage when trees, ice and other items fall on the power lines we cannot guarantee that the heating, electricity, water, appliances, cable, satellite, television, electronics, gas logs, grills, etc. will be operational. NO REFUNDS OR REBATES will be given for failure of the above. Should a repair person make a call to repair or replace a unit that was damaged by a guest’s (or any person with the guest) oversight, neglect or misuse, guest agrees that the repair call costs shall be billed to the Credit Card.